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my name is Aaron Ries, or otherwise known as A-aron. You may have just stumbled across me, or you may have found one of my dollar bills that I totally did not write on with a typewriter... My channel name comes from a Key & Peele sketch from 2012. A sketch that anyone named Aaron knows about because they've heard it 15,000 times a day for the past 7 years that sketch has existed. Please don't make that joke, It brings back a lot of bad memories.

I make videos basically,

but be aware that my content is changing. I used to do dumb videos talking about nothing in particular, to trying my hand at gaming, and now I'm trying to make car videos. Throw a little Tyler Hoover in with a splash of Aging Wheels and hey here I am. If you like weird cars then you should consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. It's free, GUARANTEED! The link is right above in the navigation bar above.

If you find yourself enjoying my content,

please, don't be afraid to tell me. It helps me out to hear a supportive comment from someone out there saying they enjoy my content.

If you feel the random need to throw money at useless things, such as myself, here's a button that allows you to do that, but like why? There's better things to throw your money at. If you still persist on pelting me with cash you have to push the donate button that I purposely made very tiny so you can't hit it well.